Thursday, March 24, 2011

Open Late This Friday

Crown Point will have its monthly Art Walk this Friday!  Usually there are artists placed at various shops and cafes around the square.  I guess the committee has been having some setbacks this month, so rather than placing artists throughout the town, they will be containing the activities to just the Courthouse Shops this month.  That's good for those of us business owners located in the Courthouse!
Kara Dokupil will be my featured artist this month.  She is a local photographer who does a lot of images related to Crown Point.  She also dabbles in some mixed-media pieces.  Come check out her work! We will be open 10-5 as usual, and then re-open from 6-9.

Also...I will be serving my nearly world famous Lemon Love cookies!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Attic... we hardly knew ya

 I had a small art gallery here in Crown Point called The Attic.  I really enjoyed it, but when the opportunity came up to open The Blue Pear...I just couldn't resist.
(Note: These photos were taken for the last exhibition I had at The Attic - the show was called Face To Face and it was a collection of artwork with "face" as the inspiration.  There was also a section of the gallery that featured photographs of abandoned buildings - very cool.  I don't have the artists names in front of me right now, but will add soon.)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

After much delay...Pictures

These are some pictures of what the shop looked like the day The Blue Pear opened.  I've added a lot of new merchandise in the last month.  In fact, I've added so much new stuff that I feel the store has lost its polish - it's time to do a total revamp, so expect some updated pics soon!