Monday, May 23, 2011

New Stuff!

Things are forever changing at The Blue Pear so I thought I'd post some updated pictures of the shop.  One of the great things about selling merchandise is replacing it with something even better!  Believe me, in this uncertain economy I am well aware of how lucky I am to have had such a warm welcome and I'll be eternally thankful for all my customers who have made these first few months so successful.  Thanks!  Here's a peek at some great new pieces...
Old gun case that I modified. I lined the background with vintage sheet music.
And I love those sconces!

Glass plate w/botanical images.  And mushrooms...very popular.

Big stone urn filled with small globes.

Vintage Church Pew

These giant spheres are my favorite right now!  The biggest one is almost 4 feet in diameter!

Knobs & Drawer Pulls.    Journals & Notebooks

Paper Script Flowers

Twig Pencils & Notebooks.

Three Large Birdcages filled with rolled sheet music scrolls!

The two large wire planters on the left are filled with handmade moss balls.

Cool santos figure sitting on salvaged wood porch column.

Bird in a Tiny Drawer

Large Horse Sculpture

Stone-Faced Man...Another Favorite!

Large Bells hanging on Vintage Ladder

Birch Orbs

Glitter Bird Under Cloche

Another Glitter Bird

Love the Old Church Window!