Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Few Last Treats

A bit time consuming but worth it. I handpunched these paper spiders out of old book pages, vintage sheet music, black glitter paper, and other decorative papers. You can sprinkle them like confetti or use them in various halloween projects. You could probably even bend the legs and make them three dimensional. I used some doublestick tape and have them crawling up the back of a cabinet.

Package of 50 is $5.00

The spiders crawling up the back of a cabinet.

Owls & Vintage Goodies

This is probably the third incarnation of this display. It morphed together as I moved merchandise from one corner of the shop to another. The black owls arrived at the last minute and it all just sorta worked together. Owls have been everywhere the last few years (I think Hedwig started it all) but this year they seem to be more popular than ever.

Owls, Owls Everywhere.
Glass Cloches filled with Twine Balls

Everybody Loves Glittered Gourds

Owls in Old Bed Springs

Giant Twine Balls, Vintage Brackets, & Handpainted Sign.

These ghosts have been flying out of the shop. Each one holds a real skeleton key.

These canvas pillows are awesome!

More canvas pillows, plus numbered bottles.

A Collection of Old Shutters

Metal Numbers & Vintage Trunks

Fall Garden

I had some summer/garden merchandise floating around and decided to use that as a base for some warmer autumnal tones. This is about as traditional as I get when it comes to decorating the shop for fall.

Everything was layered in the display like a cornocopia.

Little Pumpkin Urns

Save the Date!

I love these Ikat frames!

Glittery Webs

White Pumpkins -- Another Big Seller!

Friends of Poe

I love decorating with crows for Halloween, and I knew I had to fit these large birdcages into the shop somewhere, so I'm lucky they all came together for this display. There are also some references to Edgar Allan Poe -- the typewriters, the journals, and of course the ravens.
The black and white work so well together.

These old pillars are perfect for perching.
The sign is slightly hidden: It reads "Support Your Local Poet"

They're so simple, but these white branches have such a presence.
They're definitely one of my favorites in the shop right now.

Great photograph by local artist Rachel Rotoloni

"It was a dark and stormy night..."

Good Witch

This display took on a life of its own. There are a lot of different influences here: shabby chic/victorian, salem witches, Harry Potter, fairy tales, etc. I've gotta say I'm so happy everybody has responded so well to this display -- I think it's a nice break from the traditional orange & black.

I took the shelves out of this old white cabinet and that allowed me to just start piling stuff in.

Vintage Dress Form

My mom made all these white witches hats and they've been a huge hit!

Old lampshade frame on top of a collection of cameos.

This old chandelier looks great hanging in the cabinet.
I would love to go to Salem.

The Poison Apples are going like crazy! The vintage bottles look a bit ominous.

Another Hat

Owls continue to be popular. I paired them with some vintage White Owl cigar boxes.
These tiny glass cake domes make great homes for tiny white frogs.

Small "Good Witch" hats -- almost sold out!

Stenciled Hat Boxes

These pink spiders were the hot seller the first couple of days and now they're sold out. There's a story behind them. I am making more (in the process as I write this) so I will be doing a seperate post on these in a few days. Check back!
Pink Spiders - Completely Sold Out!
Making More!

French Circus

I love the colors in this display! I've wanted to do something carnival-esque for awhile, and even though it's not your typical halloween display, it does sorta work. Doesn't it?

I think this old white hutch looks great sitting on top of the vintage workbench. The rustic finishes on the furniture contrasts nicely with the candy-like colors.

I love this pompom garland!

French Antiques Sign

Ticket Stubs Dripping Out of an Old Cheese Crate with a Bit of Stenciling

I can't even describe what a perfect shade of orange these pumpkins are!

I love this vintage reproduction circus poster!

The packaging of the Votivo candles is perfect for this display!

Stripes = Circus

More PomPom Garland


This is the display customers first saw when entering the store. It was difficult to get a panoramic shot without it all looking a bit blurred. My ceilings are ten feet high and this display went all the way up.

An Old Dollhouse I Painted Sits atop Witches Legs

An Old Door with "Wicked" Letters & a Shredded Paper Umbrella

Spooky Willow Branches

I originally bought these to hold pears, but they look great with anything - especially our battery-operated candles!

Sorry about the camera flash. You can't quite tell how cool it looks with the battery operated candles sprinkled through the display. And there's orange lights inside the house!