Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Walk Through The Shop

August can be an odd time of year in the world of merchandising. Like most of the country, we in the midwest had a really hot summer (like really hot), and I'm ready for the season to change. (Bring on the scarves!) But with warm days still yet to come, I'm reluctant to bring out the fall product too soon. And with summer and garden merchandise approaching hibernation, we seem to be left at a crossroads. I ran through the store and snapped a few pics. Enjoy!

These drawers are from a vintage sewing machine. I love the carved wood details!

Last of the mushrooms. I think 2011 was the summer of the mushroom!

The glitter birds are still one of my favorites.

These birch discs have endless possibilities, but I especially love the way they look under our cloches.

These hanging orbs in varying sizes catch everybody's attention.

People love anything with numbers...

Where is she going dressed like that? These driftwood garlands have been very popular.

A Little French Garden Vignette

I love the texture on these pots.

This was an actual vintage cheese box I found at a local antique shop - you can rarely find them this big anymore.
I just knew it would look great stenciled!

Imagine all the things you could hang on his horn!

Don't Jump!

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