Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Few Pics of the New Shop

I just downloaded some pics from my camera. These will give you a little peek into the new shop. Things are still coming stay tuned for additional pictures.
Little Art Vignette

Giant Buddha Head

Handmade Soap


Tufted Linen Chairs

Chandelier adorned w/vintage tape measures and vintage bottles.

Chevron Painting

Great Old Fireplace Mantle

Feathers in Birdcage

Part of Garden Display

Stone Garden Face

Giant Pillar Candles

Garden Lady Covered in Moss

This Greets Guests at the Front Door

Union Jack Trunks and Rolled Maps

Swags Made From Recycled Newspaper

Vase Filled with Handmade Origami Cubes

Handmade Necklaces Made From Old Books

More Pillows

Some Stationary, Pillows, etc.

Glass Robins Eggs

French Soaps

Vintage Suitcase Full of Travel Journals

Enchanted Garden

Metal Letters

Great Vintage Cabinet

Zebra Rug

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