Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Few Last Treats

A bit time consuming but worth it. I handpunched these paper spiders out of old book pages, vintage sheet music, black glitter paper, and other decorative papers. You can sprinkle them like confetti or use them in various halloween projects. You could probably even bend the legs and make them three dimensional. I used some doublestick tape and have them crawling up the back of a cabinet.

Package of 50 is $5.00

The spiders crawling up the back of a cabinet.

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  1. Hi Robert, I finally found your blog. :) Your photos are great, but don't do your shop justice...it's so much better in person! I'm going to add you to the sidebar on my blog...hope it brings you some new followers. Everyone should know about a shop as great as The Blue Pear!
    Kattywhompus Primitives