Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Owls & Vintage Goodies

This is probably the third incarnation of this display. It morphed together as I moved merchandise from one corner of the shop to another. The black owls arrived at the last minute and it all just sorta worked together. Owls have been everywhere the last few years (I think Hedwig started it all) but this year they seem to be more popular than ever.

Owls, Owls Everywhere.
Glass Cloches filled with Twine Balls

Everybody Loves Glittered Gourds

Owls in Old Bed Springs

Giant Twine Balls, Vintage Brackets, & Handpainted Sign.

These ghosts have been flying out of the shop. Each one holds a real skeleton key.

These canvas pillows are awesome!

More canvas pillows, plus numbered bottles.

A Collection of Old Shutters

Metal Numbers & Vintage Trunks

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