Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Few Treats

I'm going to start posting some pictures from our Fall Open House, but as I've been sorting through and edititng the pics, I myself am getting a little overwhelmed by just how much was going on this past week. There's a lot to look at! I think the pictures will make more sense if I do seperate posts for each theme/display.  Enjoy!

To start...Here are a couple shots of what I had outside my door greeting the customers.

Vintage Children's Chairs Painted Black

I love how the orange gourds pop against the black!

Vintage Slipper Chair

Our Open House lasted all week and I knew it would be difficult to maintain refreshments, so instead of cookies and snacks I opted for the quintessential Halloween treat...Candy! The customers loved it - so did the rats!

Notice the rat crawling down the lampshade.

This vintage card catalog makes the best prop.

I know - pretty gross.

I'm not sayin' they're cute - but people loved the display.

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