Tuesday, September 20, 2011

French Circus

I love the colors in this display! I've wanted to do something carnival-esque for awhile, and even though it's not your typical halloween display, it does sorta work. Doesn't it?

I think this old white hutch looks great sitting on top of the vintage workbench. The rustic finishes on the furniture contrasts nicely with the candy-like colors.

I love this pompom garland!

French Antiques Sign

Ticket Stubs Dripping Out of an Old Cheese Crate with a Bit of Stenciling

I can't even describe what a perfect shade of orange these pumpkins are!

I love this vintage reproduction circus poster!

The packaging of the Votivo candles is perfect for this display!

Stripes = Circus

More PomPom Garland

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